Simply Anita!

Tonight is my debut as the new Blogger on the block.

I would like to introduce myself to all you lovely people.

Anita is my name I am 71 years old and getting younger. I made my living as a decorative painter and many other artsy ways.

I was born and raised in Germany.There at the age of 18, I married an American Soldier we were married for 42 years till he died in 07.

My aim is to be a Life Style blogger. I would love to share my experiences of a long walk in life with you.I have done most of all there is to do I cook a mean Sauerbraten, yes I do, I would love to share with you whatever. God gave me many of talents one of them is an outrages imagination

I was the owner of a ladies consignment boutique in the 80s –  was much more than that however, it was a place the girls could let their hair down and talk about anything, by the time they left all felt on top of the world.

I would love my blog to be that very same way!Such as Anything you want to know, but were afraid to ask!

I do sincerely hope you will all join me in this new adventure and we will fly away where we land  no one knows, on our feet for sure

God bless you all

Simply Anita